Sunday, April 18, 2010

[스캔] high cut no.27

well.. I saw this on 6o1. hai, since I had nothing much to do ..
anyway, it's the No.27 Issue (2010) of Highcut
which features quite some bit of princes' parts here and there,
talking about May C.B + fashion show + HJ's acting career, etc..
since it was put up, so I decided to just share

credits: 덩두@6o1
source: high cut magazine korea

Fashion Show related
1) Kim HyunJoong at MVIO
Beautiful man prettier than flower, Kim Hyun Joong.
Along with his blazer jacket attached with beiged collar,
he appeared in his best carrying off that swankish spring look
with that single-tone appearance
which turned out even brighter than the jacket.

Fashion-show related
-features HyunJoong+JungMin+YoungSaeng

Comeback related
SS501 Album Release -- 5.1 Saturday (yoooohoo!!!)
'501 day' falls right on the day following after their group name '501',
thus planning for a release of new album on that day.

HJ's acting career