Wednesday, April 07, 2010

[올드 기사] HJ caught a fish back then in 2009 Jan -- it was a shark^^

this is old news...but then because..ㅁㅁㅁㅁㅁ (fill in the blanks yourself)
so I will re-post it (transliteral)

it's about HJ's fishing talents/love ^,^
and how he caught a shark back then last year onboard the ship to new caledonia^^

Source: Daily Sports @ 17-Feb-2009, 14:23
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F4 member KimHyunJoong has been a "Fishing Genius" ever since high school days. Right after this fact was revealed, it immediately became a hot topic.

Beginning since high school days, KimHyunJoong who starred in KBS2 TV's Monday-Tuesday drama Boys over Flowers as Yoon Jihoo has been going out for fishing frequently with friends.

No matter where he goes, be it for overseas promotions, or for drama shooting, KimHyunJoong would try to fish at the place. Last year he went to New Caledonia in order to shoot Boys over Flowers. While waiting for 8 full hours on the ship, he had actually managed to hook a shark.

At the time, HyunJoong used only 5minutes, and within that 5 minutes, he already hooked onto a mini shark as big as that of a human's arm with the use of a bamboo hook, which gave the people around him a scare. Despite fatigue and seasick caused by the shaking ship, it did not hide his "fishing talents".

HyunJoong has had said, "At that time though I managed to catch the fish, but I didn't really know what fish it was, it was the ship captain who told me that it was a shark. It was rather strong, I took some efforts to pull it over to my side". Due to nature conservation rules, he took a picture of the shark using his digital camera as commemoration (LOL so loud), and then released it back into the sea.

He has said back then, "I released all the fishes I had caught back into the sea already, so the drama ratings should exceed 30% hmm", and in the end, this statement became a fact. Though he doesn't have any time to go out and fish these days due to drama filming, but sometimes, he would also go to enjoy fishing in the mountainous areas, from this we could infer, he is indeed a "fishing maniac".