Tuesday, April 13, 2010

[기사] HJ @ football stadium found and enlarged big~~

I wanted to translate this since yesternight when I saw but too tired^oo^
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reason why I wanted to share this because it was commenting on our Triples
family member, Imane-ssi
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but even if it was just a short 'praise', it means alot yeah...
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04/12 [news] Kim HyunJoong, Watched El Clasico? Fans Found Out

Credits : http://www.dcnews.in + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


The fact that group SS501’s Kim HyunJoong went to watch the famous rivalry match Spain Primera Liga between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona was made known through internet and had gathered much attention.

On 11-Apr, messages and photos were released over the internet about Kim HyunJoong watching the match ‘El Clasico’ between Real Madrid and Barcelona with some close friends.
The respective photos were released by the local fans of Kim HyunJoong who is in Spain for a photo shoot.

In the photos show Kim HyunJoong wearing Real Madrid jersey, walking around Madrid Santiago Bernabeu Stadium where ‘El Clasico’ was held. On his back of his jersey shows Cristiano Ronaldo’s name and jersey number.

Among the overseas fans, one of them remarkably found Kim HyunJoong among the audience in a photo showing the audience during the match. The photo released by one local forum shows a combination of photos closing up on the audience in the stadium. However it is difficult to see the blurry faces of the audience. Nevertheless, this fan enlarged the photo and found Kim HyunJoong among the audience, the fan captured down the enlarged photo and uploaded on the internet.
This overseas fan said “After I found out which gate Kim HyunJoong went through into the stadium, I guessed where he would likely be. Among the 80,000 audience, it is quite difficult and took about 10 minutes to find him.”

Netizens who saw photos of Kim HyunJoong watching El Clasico, couldn’t hide their enviousness and commented “So he’s a fan of Real Madrid” “I’m envious that he got to watch El Clasico” “He is outstanding at first sight. He is of such a superior gene.”
With these, fans also couldn’t repress their astonishment for other fans who found traces of Kim HyunJoong in many blurry photos, “People who found these are even more awesome” “To be finding that, Kim HyunJoong would be horrified too” “It’s a skill that is only seen in America drama, CSI”