Friday, April 16, 2010

[직캠] HJ returns in Seoul @ 15/04/2010

deudieo... finally fancams of the Man returning back in seoulie^^
surely yt will upload some of them^^
hhh and if yt allows me to upload properly, ofcos it'd work very well^^

인천공항 입국 직캠

1) Fancam from NobleKHJ
source: noblekhj
reuploaded: odeds501@yt

2) Fancam from Perfect
source: perfect,
reseen on:

reuploaded by: wwlovehjl2@yt
thanks ww님~

3) Fancam from sarahssi + jadekassi
source: sarahssi + jadekassi
reuploaded by: lovetop7@yt
hmm why yt failed me? =,=
thanks moleqre님~~