Tuesday, April 20, 2010

how to purchase your Gmarket tickets for 드콘 + transport applic.

thought of sharing this.
how do you purchase your Gmarket tickets?
for upcoming dream con that is.
for our princes, of course we care only about this

thanks to 볼매오공일@6o1 for putting up impt notice of such
originated from the personnels there
I will do a short translate
might be useful for some of you?

btw, do keep checking out DSP homepage Notice board section,
for those of you going, it's very necessary you keep checking out around there
I want to remind you again,
please do ask around for help especially the local ts
it'd be hard for you to do it yourself for everything

ways to buy your dream concert tickets...

1. On the official homepage (ss501.dspenter.com), confirm your seating area color under SS501 fans' seating plan section
(ask around for help is best)

2. During Gmarket's opening of ticket sales beginning April 22, 7PM through Gmarket

3. Confirm your seating area color under SS501 fans' seating plan, again

4. Application successful with 5,000won tax paid (1 person buy 2 tickets at most)

5. Head over to http://cafe.daum.net/SS501inDKTS (will carry out application on April 22 when tickets officially open)

6. Apply for the private transport schedule to and fro (but must have 40 and above applicants, or else plan will be cancelled)

7. After confirming, depositing of money begins
(should the money transferred not be enough as supposed to, application will be cancelled)
(deposting details, ie, amount, venue etc, will be released on April 22)

8. Hope to see your happy presence on May 22 at the stipulated time for event

9. Kindly appreciate the enjoyable performance

10. THE END (errr..is this needed....what ever, ne?^^)



now application details for transport as released on 20th April.

Period of application: 2010 April 22 ~ 2010 May 5
Area/Region: Busan/Masan/Changwon
Estimated Car Fare: 24000~28000won
Time to leave: 11:30am ~ 1:00pm (time may change)

Only those who are confirmed going should sign up for this. *most important*