Wednesday, April 21, 2010

[영상][기사] Hyesun ssi still keeps in contact frequently with HJ

yeahyeah I saw this,
and apparently Hyesun씨 went on programme
I think to promote for her movie release Magic soon
and then as expected, you can expect her to talk about F4
luckily wwssi uploaded this, I think other users too,
but I just anyhow grabbed 1 kkkk
Hyesunssi had mentioned how & why HyunJoonggun is a man with loyalty
and oh btw, they still keep in touch frequently
will attach the translated news too

PS;; just in case you wanna watch this show in full, you may watch Here
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【KBS2 Story Show Music!】@ April 20, 2010

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Brief summation of what Hyesunssi mentioned of Hyunjoonggun...
I especially like how Hyesunssi had mentioned that HJ was a Superman
who goes to people's rescue in times of hardships (wow i lovee that praise~~~~~~~)
Although he's quite ridiculous at times, but he's really a man of loyalty.
He helps people when in time very often,
they will show concerns for each other in the phone often
and that they're friends who show concern for each other...

lovely isn't it? ^^


기사 관련;;

source; tv report kr // eng;; ode

Actress Goo Hyesun who played Geum Jandi in KBS2 Drama 'Boys over Flowers' that has had ended previously with great success shared about F4's charm.

On the 20th where KBS2 'Story Show Rock' has been broadcasted on, Goo Hyesun ssi who has distinct identities as actor, artist, movie PD across various fields has been invited onto the programme.

Goo Hyesun had revealed modesty on the show where she talked about the secret behind drama 'Boys over Flower' 's success, "Lee Minho, Kim HyunJoong, Kim Bum, Kim Jun, these 4 people played huge effects (on success)".

MC Lee Ji-ae ssi asked about these 4 people's charms, where Goo Hyesun ssi replied to,
"Lee Minho is a friendly one who's very fun and comfortable around to be with", while
with regards to Kim HyunJoong, she's revealed, "A friend who's ridiculous but full of loyalty", and
"A friend who'd give help without hesitation, and sometimes, when he's worried, he would make a call over to ask about". (daebak?)

She continues further, "Kim Bum is very adult-like which goes beyond his actual age",
"Kim Joon is one who's meticulous enough, and has a downright nature", "though the same age, but up until now,
I'm still unable to put across words in that
(informal) manner with him", thus arranging her statement for abit, and laughing it off ludicrously with a
"seems to be what I'm prideful about" after finishing.

On this day's broadcast, Goo Hyesun revealed the unrevealed sleeping episodes which weren't
shown in drama. On the other hand, audiences who catched that day's broadcast had commented,
"Hopes to form as an actress with such positivity", "Anticipating Goo Hyesun's further moves on achieving her aspirations".