Wednesday, April 21, 2010

HyungBoo rest @ Japan...

HyungBu Restaurant @ Akasaka & Shibuya

reason why this was mentioned? this rest located in akasaka & shibuya in Japan
famous Korean restaurant famous for its unique taste
of course, reason why this was mentioned = simple
our princes frequent them too
norm, ne? an autograph gets you up and going... ^^
just always thought these things make a gd runaway item
i mean, when you were just swimming,
and then stomach grumbling....?
nonononono I'm not talking about myself, it's just an eg ^_^

thanks to elleyssi for sharing.~~

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Venue Outlook

Signature Collection

"Thank you for SS501's patronizing of our restaurant"
--followed by various introduction of each prince

DongBang Yoochun frequented just last week, Jaejoong just in February this year