Wednesday, April 07, 2010

[기사/사진] HyungJun's cousin nuna & her looks~~~~

Hyungjun's cousin nuna and her beautiful looks...

출처: newsen
콘텐스: ode

(bottom) Photo source: childhood friend's CY
reseen on: P.B

with cousin nuna~

follows the expressions on respective's tee
while nuna follows after Choco-ssi~
Choco-ssi = Appa
Elli unnie = Omma
HyungJunie oppa = 1st Son
Kibumie = 2nd Son

SS501 Kim HyungJun and brother UKISS' Kibum's cousin nuna Jang Elli boasted her beautiful looks.

Recently on SBS E!TV "Jung Sun-hee Lee Kyung-shil's Chul Puh Duk House" where Jang Elli-ssi has appeared in, it was revealed that she was the cousin of KimHyungJun and KimKibum where she helped to play part as their simultaneous translators while carring out their activities, prior to this she was already very wellknown in their fandom circle through this.

Jang Elli-ssi and KimHyungJun have just about the exact same beautiful looks, thus proving their blessed genes, henceforth surprising the MCs and other performers. Jang Elli-ssi danced to UKISS' ManManHaNi along with a witty joke at the same time, which focused much attention on her.

On the other hand, Jang Elli-ssi also expressed her concerns towards the top star Kim Hye-soo's younger sibling cum actor Kim Dong-hee who appeared as guests for that day's programme. Also, through a phone call conversation with SS501's Kim HyungJun, it displayed their close relavity, as well as KimHyungJun's recent whereabouts, in addition, a family photo that was never revealed had been released.

On this day's "Jung Sun-hee Lee Kyung-shil's Chul Puh Duk's House", actress Hwang Shin-hye's biological sibling Hwang Jung-hye, Miss Korea Lee Honey's biological older sister Lee Seul-gi, actress Kim Hye-soo's biological younger brother Kim Dong-hee all attended the day's recording.
It will be broadcasted on April 8th midnight on SBS E!TV.