Tuesday, April 06, 2010

[기사] HyunJoong is going to SPAIN ^O^

when this guy HJ was writing this entry on H.P,
bet he was like this: *devil smile* hya~hya~hya~~~~~
he wants to see the reactions caused,
then when he sees he has succeeded tricking some,
he must have been laughing before his computer like this =>>>
(the above emoticon is not a very good portrayal of his face at that time)


HyunJoong "Going to Spain"

source: isplus @ 05-april-2010, 10:10
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SS501's leader Kim HyunJoong is going abroad to Spain but not for studying, instead for a pictorial shoot.

Kim HyunJoong will be heading for Spain Madrid on the 7th for a fashioning pictorial shoot.
He would be spending about a week in Spain while filming for the pictorial as well as for holiday.

Kim HyunJoong spinned this spain trip into an april fool day joke on the 1st, however there is actually a meaning behind this joke, which made it interesting. Kim HyunJoong wrote on SS501's homepage on the 1st, "I'll be going to Spain on the 7th to study abroad. Because there are too many headache problems on mind, will return after sorting out my thoughts for abit". At the end of the entry, "Today is April Fools day?", thus revealing his prank, however it already got the fans rather agitated, because beginning since last year end, there have been rumours revolving around "Don't know if Kim HyunJoong will be going solo" such talks etc.

Kim HyunJoong's agency DSP Media's personnel has revealed on the 5th, "All of these are not true. We have decided on this pictorial shoot since a month ago" and "HyunJoong spinned this witty joke in view of April Fools day, that's why", thus drawing a clear line from all rumours.

The personnel further added on, "After visiting Spain, HyunJoong will be doing recording as scheduled for May 1 album, as well as carry out promotional activities in Japan, China etc. This Spain trip will be serving as a form of relaxation to first cool his mind down prior to the busy schedule that is to come."