Friday, April 23, 2010

[잡지] InStyle May2010

shooting of HyungJungun & Kibumssi in InStyleMag

with courtesy by soonsoo beauty
and also thanks to HLssi for this for posting in P.B


cr;; hui ling@p.b
source;; soonsoo beauty

well...if you wonder how this magazine looks like,
lovely brotherhood in there.

thanks for the sharing spirit muchmuch.
I hope to see more detailed scans.... ㅜㅜ

cr; ange nim@baidu 501 bar
repasted by; kiwinim@ pb

"Because I had a schedule before the shooting, I arranged for another meeting
When I arrived, I saw Kibum wearing the exact same jacket as me
It's the brotherhood where you need no words prepared in advance
to connect,

it's the familyhood,
such that you see"

HQ scans, but it's of the pictures ^^
thankyuss junique.

credits to scanning by: (주니크)