Friday, April 16, 2010

[직찍] JM @ Project Runway S2 (kr) ;; 02-04-2010

as you should know..wul jmeun was the judge for
korea's Project Runway S2... ^^
because of his acute fashion sense... *hai, hai*
and in these following pix, he was taken on camera
on 2 April

now is some other part captured by others
oh btw....this will be aired on national tv as well...
yeah of course right? it's like an important event
for the fashion country world

source: as tagged on pic + mirmong0@cyworld
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don't be mistaken... the model there is a woman

owwww! who is the dazzling & handsome lad there?
omo momo did I see wrongly??? *blink blink*

Park JungMin씨 인데!!!!!!!