Sunday, April 11, 2010

[사진][기타] Jungminie with rainie씨 @ 100410 taiwan surprise visit

kkkk.....Jungminie took a picture with rainie yang-ssi!
I knew rainie-ssi would be there, she's said it herself, kkk
am sure there were many others there

Jungmineun likes harlem yu sunbaenim alot oh~~

short extract with Tw's apple daily papers...

Korea flower boy group SS501 Park Jungmin has flew in to Taiwan from Korea secretly yesterday (April 10).
He's expressed happily, "Like Harlem Yu alot."

[Q] Then how long would you be staying in TW?
[A] Secret. (so is very long or what? ㅇvㅇ)

source: apple daily (tw)