Monday, April 12, 2010

KJ searched ranking @ 12-04-2010

today is the release of Kyujongie's digital single...
and of course, who are we talking about here? Kyujongie...!!^^
so yes, his popularity is proved in the 'Searched Ranking'

on mnet... he was no.7 (not realtime though)
Just searches for today
this afternoon when I saw, he was Number 10

source: mnet korea

captured by; ode; NO.7 @ 9:07 pm

1) Lee Hyori
2) Rain

3) T-ara

4) Big Bang

5) 4-Men

6) SG Wannabe

7) KimKyuJong

8) Brown Eyed Girls

9) Brown Eyed Soul

10) Bu-hwal

also, most-searched topic/article trending on Mnet is.......

capture by; ode; mnet korea

writes: KyuJong's confession.. 'Awkward Confession'

as to on other sites, such as main publisher music site Melon,
his searched ranking got into Top100, entered as Number 88
hey, that is something...!
you know how many millions of songs released each day,
+ those old songs that're published fr few days ago...etc..
those songs are hot songs as well, popular...
so when you can get into Top 100 is already very some thing...

source: melon korea

captured by; To.Saeng@6o1

source: nate
captured by: luv501_@6o1

this 1 is realtime search~ @ 10: 42 pm, April 12