Monday, April 12, 2010

KJie digi single - Awkward confession

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late in posting this~

Kyujongie's single finally released...!
hai, April 12. for SuperStar OST.
Song is "Awkward Confession" (서툰고백)...
yes from 1st off album, now re-sung solo by KJ,
he's mentioned before, ne?
on a TokTok message left by him,
wait lemme find..... this 1 (6th entry)

you could take a listen at Mnet, easiest
because Melon had restricted from overseas access (goodness soul knows why)
beginning since April 8th
so you cant access if you're at overseas

got link from 601 again..Mnet's
just click this to see, then click on song title (bottom one, above 'instrumental' version) to hear.
Before that, if you never install Mnet VOD Player programme before, they'll prompt you to
P/S..; Use IE ^_^

Gd luck, you need to login/register before you get to hear full ^_^
without registering, only first 45s~~
or if not, sooner or later you'll hear on elsewhere


again from Bugs korea music site
this time with digital single jacket cover
bugs is recommended only for those who knows how to surf around
because before you could listen, needs to download many things