Friday, April 23, 2010

[기사] korean fever blows....

quite interesting article I guess, so I'll just share it


Korean language fever blows in Egypt too

source; kr kukinews
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Through Korean drama and music etc which made people besotted with 'Hanryu' and begin learning the korean language isn't just limited to school students. Jaahnab-Saide ssi (21, female) who likes singer Kim HyunJoong and Lee SeungGi has said, "After watching 2005 drama 'Winter Sonata' on TV, I fell in love with the charm of the korean language", "In order to understand more about the Korean culture, I went to attend Korean lessons".

Students with the language skills and preference have been increasing by the day too. After recruiting students into the university, through English examinations, it was found out by proportion that students who chose the korean language and by their preferences in the Ain Shans University in Egypt stood high at record at the 1st~2nd position amidst the 13 departments in the foreign language university. This particular university personnel has revealed that, one must score 48 marks and above in the 50-marks english examination so as to enter the korean language course in the university.

The korean culture embassador Park Jae-yang situated in Egypt mentioned,
"Previously in February, in our embassy center, though there were 180 members who joined in our Korean language courses, there was actually 800 and more of them who applied for admittance, which further showed the immense fever of the korean language",
"Beginning from the latter half of the year, the korean language education system 'Sejong Institution' will soon be newly set up so as to recruit more applicant students".