Saturday, April 03, 2010

KyuJong & Jungmin to be in #6 of 【SuperStar】

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hmm...just saw this while was randomly playing around...
dont know when this was posted since no date, tho I suppose should be few months ago,
but since it talks about SuperStar (501^^)
decided to just post it anyway

SS501 Kyujong & JungMin stars in SuperStar : behind the scenes story...

In the upcoming weekend, in drama "SuperStar", SS501's KyuJong and Jungmin,
as well as former Seeya member Nam Gyuri will be starring in the drama together!

Drama "SuperStar" will be consisting of a total of 10 episodes, and will be presented in the sitcom format, with each episode telling a story, all the stories consisting of all actors will be shown across 10 full episodes, handled by different producers across each episode. This time, in the 6th episode, KyuJong, Jungmin, Nam Gyuri, will be starring in it, whilst in the 1st episode, BLACK CITY, maknae HyungJun will be starring opposite Son HoYoung together! Although YoungSaeng hasn't been decided to star in which episode, he's been decided to step foot in one of the episodes as well, all members beside leader will be having a participation in this ne^^ I had seen Maknae's performance, it was pretty well-shot I must say^^