Friday, April 16, 2010

[mag] PATI-PATI Vol.1 2008 May

if you had been noticing,
you could see the way each of them answer certain questions all the time..
and you could easily observe/see the way they deal with problems/qns...
especially in this kind of writing-style features...
didnt you know writing shows alot of someone? ^^
alright, just some random thoughts


Pati.Pati. Vol 1 2008 May issue......

source & translations: mydeko@tstw
eng: ode

HyunJoong (leader) -- [No matter what]
"Do something", or, "though it's hard, but no matter what, just try it!",
if you think of it like this,
there shouldn't be any more tackling issues in this world ne...
If you don't do any single thing then it'd end up with a zero.
Even if you do something, whether it'd be an added bonus,
or a minus detraction we don't know,
but no matter what it wont become a zero, right!

Jungmin -- [on the spot receive] (that day's work salary)
While recording in Japan,
I learnt about this phrase from the crew members there,
"receive salary on the spot" (to receive work salary on that day itself, instead of monthly basis).
Actually didn't know such interesting phrases and system
worked in Japan.
From now on please also allow my career to
be "received on a daily basis" yo (laughs)

KyuJong -- [cheeky]
Learnt this whle watching japanese variety programme.
Surrounding me are all the cheeky fellows,
I'd try my best not to become like them.
Also please do look after me in future time to come.

YoungSaeng -- [Important]
To have something of importance to you
is a very wonderful thing.
Family, friends, career,
all of these form a huge existence inside of me,
thus it became important.
I feel, to have someone (something) to guard by of
is a very wonderful matter,
it beats out every other thing to become
the motivation to continue living.
(ps; I always like how he says, so much pen-water...)
(agree with the 'guarding by' part.)

HyungJun (maknae) -- [Challenge~! challenge!!]
I've always liked to challenge new stuffs.
I believe no matter what it is that I challenge in,
it'd allow me to grow and mature.
To challenge many things, to get experiences.
I'm anticipating all the many challenges in future!
(you did it ne, challenged many things throughout your 2 years, 08 to now~~~)