Tuesday, April 13, 2010

[mag] PATI-PATI Vol.24 (Final), 5月 2010

music magazine PATIPATI -- Vol.24 [Final] ; May 2010

where they get members to write/choose the japanese word etched deep in their memories...

source: blog.daum.net/elley0606 + (copyright) music magazine PATI-PATI

i'll give a brief description of each members...

HyunJoong: Hana (1)
JungMin: Matane~ (Later/See you/Bye in verbal form)
KyuJong: Okaeri (Welcome back, usually to home) + Just Now (Currently)
YoungSaeng: Jishin (Confidence)
HyungJun: Mamoru (To guard by/To protect)

cr: (HJ's word) reference from Elleyssi blog + (the others') ref from tstw + (eng) ode + enlarged pic (sorry very pixelated) by ode

kkkk HJ you're supposed to write in Japanese isn't it......playcheat..^^

HyunJoong - '1'
With the meaning of forever as one where we'll be with everyone as one until forever,
ending up transforming into just a "1" (hana in korean / hitotsu in japanese) as end-product.
SS501 has also already debuted for 5 years.
In future too, they will always be the one and only "1".

Jungminie - See you ne~

This isn't for joke ne (laughs), in future we'll still come to Japan often.
But when I recall again that this column would be our final time, it feels kinda lonely ne.
But, in future, we'd be bringing more diverse aspects of ourselves too.

HyungJunie - To protect/To guard by

We SS501 have grown and matured alot. Though many matters happened,
but we still hope to continue protecting and guarding all of you all the way throughout.
Every one, I love all of you.

YoungSaengie -- Confidence
In the blink of an eye, we have had debuted for already 5 years.
Never will I forget the feeling I got when we first arrived in Japan.
It was through such tenacity collated that gave me Confidence. In future too we hope that everyone could give more love to SS501!

KyuJongie - Welcome Back (home) + Just Now
Unconsciously, Japan has become a country where the people are able to use such verbal to express their closeness with one another.
No longer feels like being in a foreign country.
Thanks to everyone that we could hang on up until now, thank you to you all.