Sunday, April 18, 2010

[mag] PATI-PATI Vol.4 2008 August

translations; (chi) 妃茵@tstw // (eng) ode @

2008 August, Vol.4

HyunJoong -- [Long time no see] (ohisa shiburi desu)
Long time never see......just like that.

JungMin -- [Earned a fortune] (gappori)
I raked in a huge fortune!!

KyuJong -- [Always a...lucky day] (itsumo...lucky day)
Thank you to everyone who supports us SS501!
Praying that it will be lucky day forever,
happy day forever. Fighting!

YoungSaeng -- [Starry sky] (hoshi zora)
I like the night sky glittering brightly with stars.
Hoshizora is also a song included in our single 'Lucky Days'.

HyungJun -- [Outstanding figure] (jinkakusya)
While shooting for a certain Japanese programme,
someone helped me to look into fortune,
that fortune-teller told me that I'd be an "outstanding historic figure".
Don't know if it'd be true???
In order to become such a person, I'd work hard towards that.