Wednesday, April 21, 2010

[mag] PATI-PATI Vol.5 2008 September

ㅈㅅㅈ wanted to do translations for this ystd...another few more will come tmrw
seems like Patix2 magazine will continuously release
all the remaining following issues of it nonstop...^^
maybe if time allows, I could do all the translations for it... ^^

Pati.Pati Vol.5, 2008 September

source & scans;
translate; (jp to chi) 妃茵@tstw + (chi to eng)

HyunJoong -- [Wholeheartedly...] (mune ippai)
This was taught to me by my good friend.

JungMin -- [Cheque...Luvin' it the most] (kogitte...daisuki)
Cheques are too commonly used in Korea, but as to Japan's cheque,
I haven't seen it yet

KyuJong -- [Wings] (tsubasa)
I want to put on wings to go and rescue those who need help,
so I chose the word wings this time.

YoungSaeng -- [Right now, I'm a bad boy] (ima, himadamen)
This is the most familiarized Japanese phrase I know as of now.

HyungJun -- [Younger sister] (imouto)
I treat our fans like a younger sister and view them as one.
(errr..then nunas how? i'm not in that category..but just curious...)