Saturday, April 17, 2010

[Misc] Jumping skill is TOP skill of DSP artist? kkkk

Well everytime i was hanging out in, there is always interesting stuff to share. Alott.. but sadly i dont have time much to reupload etc.. if i have time much i will share interesting colleague pics to share.. its interesting and give a good laugh sumtimes ^^

and again i laugh because korean fans posting about jumping skill.. ^^

Do you noticed in our boys dance routine they likes to including jumping dance part alot? kkk..
from warning where they have little-jumping here and there.. then snow prince... unlock... fighter... de javu too.. kkk even in love like this we have rope-jumping dance kkkkkk.... even if you noticed some part in persona concert...

our boys jumping skill is really GOOD.. especially the leader.. prince of jumping kkkkk.. i noticed hyunjoong can really jumping so high... you remember WGM too right? and i think hyun joong really like jumping ALOT... kkkk

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actually this is a gif.. but i dont know why it wouldnt work?

Get the point, k?

in the mid of training jumping skill ^^

kkkk.. flying kick...

snow prince time.. ^^

unlock days... who is the highest? young saengie time ^^

who was winning? leader sshi was the winner in snow prince time.. ^^

poemsaeng poemsa.. ^^
irelly like this perf... jumping around.... lol hyun joong ahhh dont you think you have over jumping?

again poemsaeng pomsa.. flying in the air..
btw pomsaeng pomsa is song by DSP artist.. Sechkies.. kkk Sechkies like to jumping alot too.. ^^

de javu...

kkkk.. why DSP artist? kk after sechkies, ss501, kara follow too.. ^^ LOL

and because they like jumping alot.. see the result...
warning: jumping could dangerous your pants like this... hyun joong ah i am worried about you.. beware okay.. because you really like to jumping alot... kekekee..

i know you all have seen this.. but just want to including this because the same topic...

credit: 1eas1 @ YT