Monday, April 05, 2010

[News] Lee Hyo Yeon, DSP CEO, in coma?

shocking news, will wait for translate...

i will just repost korean news first.
Just understand half only: now he is in intensive care unit in Shinchon hospital, because stroke (?) and no improvement until now (?), Lee Soo Man will visit him, the article talk about his carrier in DSP since 1991,

Get well soon Mr. Lee..

카라 SS501의 소속사 DSP엔터테인먼트 이호연 회장이 의식불명 상태에 빠져 충격을 안겨주고 있다.


Update! mydaily article; his condition is getting better, have some improvement..


Anonymous said...

Omg, really?
That is terrible. I hope he stays strong and recover.
But with all this news, I can't help but hold this nagging selfish thought......
What will happen to
SS501's pending new 5-01 album and associated projects?
Lee Hyo Yeon is the founder and CEO of DSP and raised them up from rookies to versatile veterans of the industry.
The rest of the company is concentrating its resources on Kara & Rainbow.
I can't help but to think of the enduring consquences that will happen to SS501 if Lee Hyo Yeon is absent from the proceedings of the company.
It is due Lee Hyo Yeon that SS501 decided to renew their contracts with DSP.
Without him there, I'm afraid that SS501 will get ignored by high executive officials in favor of fresh and younger idols.
I suddenly have all these scary possibilities.
Perhaps, I am being too cynical?
What ever is the case, I sincerely hope Lee Hyo Yeon recovers fully and strongly.

Stalking_HJ said...
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Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Right at this crucial time of SS501's future and he's collapse. I hope he feel better, and nothing affect DSP or SS501