Friday, April 16, 2010

[old recommendation corner] SS5o1 Mnet 100%

This old programme aired in 2oo6
that is -- [SS501's Mnet 100%]
shall be introduced here this time.
it's also a programme that records their debut beginning period days
some thing that you must watch.
it's actually something like a 'mini version' of M!pick
but slightly different...
This one captures the 'essence' during their career days
especially not-so-often seen footage fr. various shows
not a programme that alot knows about.
luckily hjs266-ssi uploaded it.
as you should know, hjs266-ssi has been diligently uploading old programmes,
you gotta be grateful to her, you know!
do dig her channels more often. ^_^
you'd really find alot of programmes that you'd like.

there's also some other episodes on a weekly basis
uploaded in her channel, and she's also gonna gradually upload them as well
since apparently I cant possibly be uploading every single vid of this,
I'd suggest you 'stay tuned' to her channel ^^
i seem like a good promoter..!!

credits to: hjs266@yt

060606 (leader's birthday!!) Mnet 100%