Friday, April 16, 2010

Park Daepyo 대표가 있구나!

Jungmin doesn't like to be called 'Mal' (horse)?

yeah apparently I don't call him that kkk

but anyway, here's something I found on ts tw
when a ts tw went to leave comments on Royalave
and a tskr saw & replied to her requesting for her not to call him Mal..
but on the following pict,
you don't see that part...
i think it was amidst other comments left,
so it wasn't shown here since only the comment from krts was extracted

source: royal ave website comment section
referred fr: khj taiwan chinese fansite (translations alr done)
reposted on: hys international fansite
2nd repost on: ts taiwan forum
eng: ode

Taiwan TS
Park Rep nim~ annyeonghaseyo!
Have you been well?

Been busy these days?

Are there overseas activities too?

Previously when we went to Korea for the concert,
though we wanted to visit Park Rep's office but
because we didn't have time, so didn't go ne.
Really sad!

The apparel consumers in Taiwan hopes that shipping
to overseas could be added on into soon!

Because many of the taiwan fans wish to buy clothes from there ne.

When could taiwan fans buy from Royal Ave?

My TS friends hopes to buy Park Rep
(person) (kkkkk).
By the way!
Please include the song KISS in 2nd album!

(...ctd in other comments but not included)

Korean TS:
Please hun, don't call him Mal.
He doesn't like to be called Mal...

And it's actually rather rude that way...

That's why Korean fans
don't ever call him Mal
in front of him (not that behind don't)..
Please do tell the other TW fans about this fact.. TAT