Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rare YoungSaengie~~~

and so......you know 5-0-1 C.B just round the corner ne????
looking at this peeka-boo I'm very excited ^_____^
hands trembling....^^

YS' slight peekaboo as with the sharing spirit of all kind souls
in our TS family~~~~~~~~ lovely angels

look at the pictures on the side wall..... I see many familiar silhouettes.....

source;;; 봄풍@ardentlover.com
thanks to & reseen on;;; tst forum

ardentlover.com is a fansite for HyunSaeng couple.
i had also went over to take a look ^^

this time featuring YSgun's side profile
most probably shooting for jacket cover of May C.B!!!!
waaaataaaa yeppeuda........
recently ne?