Thursday, April 22, 2010

[기타] Saitama Japan Concert 2504 -- Concert goods!!

Concert goods of the Saitama SuperArena April25 Concert! word I can say...why so daebak??
if don't post this, cannot resist...
I'm one who gets very excited when I see merchandises..... hhh
err..even the lightsticks are so cute.....

thanks for sharing, elleyssi~

All the Goods sold

Felt Bag
Price: 1,000yen

deh?? daebak!
Silver Necklace (Limited edition)
Price: 6,000yen
Length: 41cm
Pendant: 20mm*15mm

Price: 2,000yen

Brooch Set (Album Collection)
Price: 4,500 yen
Made in Korea oh~~

Pen Light
Price: 1,000yen

Price: 4,500yen

Bag Charm & Key Ring
Price: 3,000yen