Wednesday, April 14, 2010

[스캔] SOFF Calendar 2010

and so... you must know that ahliassi has alot of goodies right?
+that sharing spirit^^
what i mean by goodies is those goodies that comes along
with restrictions...
*for some, not all*

this SOFF (story of Flower Four) calendar was released
about a month just after SOFF DVD was released.
I have the soff dvd but i havent watched except for HJ's.........T.T
anyway this calendar, if I wasn't mistaken, is only available to
residents within Japan to buy. It isn't sold outside of Japan

credit: (she scanned in HQ ones)
copyright...: soff boys over flowers 2010 calendar (japan)

here's my chingu!! who's prettier, my chingu or yours truly?

I love JANDI so much that I'm steppping onto Jandi *.*

Bummie is going to sleep....shhhhh.....
if you shout, I'm
for disturbing my buddie

why always stare at me???
asking for a beating?? ^^

"waaaaaaaah! did Man-U just won or lost??????
huh Bummie???"

stare what stare
you love my stare right?
stare somemore?