Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Songs Must Listen To

okay, yet another poll
thanks to jmayossi~~
for all polls available, if you want, click on the labels for easy reference.....

A poll this time for "SS501 Songs which You Must Listen To"

address go here

it's actually quite easy to vote, simple interface

Just click on the song you think is a Must-hear
then when you hover across the voting (light-greyish+orange) button,
you'd notice 2 arrows, one showing "up" (arrow sign) and the other showing
"down" (arrow sign)

1. Click on the "up" (arrow sign) button and then, a box will appear if you're not a member
Since you ain't a member, you'd be voting as a guest status.

2. In the following box to appear, choose your gender+age range,
then click on the "확인" button which means "Confirm"

3. your votes are being counted for.

4. for remaining songs you vote for, it'd be counted as every vote as it is, tallying up to its ranking of course

5. so on and so forth

Take note, please use Internet Explorer to facilitate yourself
lest you drop a whole lot bunch of hair ^oooooo^
I do find this really meaningful ^_^