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[Stalker Info] Where to stalk Hyunjoong in Spain??

Well i decided to make this page where i put any info from what i have read, heard, and friends.. ^^
I dunno at first whether its right choice to make this page, but i decided to make it... because you know... this is just stalker info, the possibility the info is 501 % right is not full.. There is 2 possibility is right clue info or wrong clue...
But based on my experience as stalker ^^ the stalker info quite help you eventhought its a gambling choice but its better than you stalking him in a big big big city without any clue... So its up to you okay whether you will take this stalker info or not.. Its really up to you... ^________^

This is just a clue only, i think better to share this because i think maybe it will help your stalking in Spain.. ^^

Please do not repost this info in an any other place, if you want to let your friends know just direct her to this page. Thank you. I do this because as i told you this is just stalker info, the possibility the info is true not 501 % right!

The possibility the place he will be going:

1. Gaudi cathedral in Barcelona!

The possibilty he will going to this place is so high. Better you watch this place when he still in Barcelona.

Yesterday my korean friend said to me she know one of the location hyun joong will definitely go is Gaudi Cathedral. I quoted her she got that info from trustable source.
And i search in my mind hyun joong and his obsession to Gaudi Cathedral is quite familiar for me and taraaaa i just recall back then the interview i have read in 2006, when he said he want to visit Gaudi Cathedral. Now the i more believe that info because are you know Gaudi Cathedral is the place hyun joong want to visit the most in his life??? He said how want him goes to Gaudi cathedral when he is in Spain. He said that 3 times, in Fabulous! Magz Vol.9 2006, and 2 times in a tv interview. Sorry ahh i really forget where he said that in interview (really too much video in my bunker, i forget where he said that), so i will just give you the interview Fabulous! Magz Vol.9 2006 posted by QUAINTE back in 2006 here

Hyunjoong has already said since long time ago, country he want to visit the most? SPAIN!!! I want to visit Gaudi Cathedral!

I will post part of his interview in that Magz here:

Fabulous! Magz Vol.9 2006

Source: HERE
Credits: Quainte & (Chi)黄金叶儿@DoubleS501
Translation: heart2heart @ quainte501


01. Childhood dream?
When I was little I wanted to be a scientist. Once I got into middle school I have always wanted to become a musician.
02. Which cartoon hero did you look forward to the most when you were little?
Luffy (One Piece), Monkey King (from “The Journey to the West”) (Yea!! I love One Piece! cool.gif)
03. Childhood nickname?
I can’t think of any… I think I didn’t have any nicknames…..
04. Subject in school you excelled in; a subject you didn’t excel in?
Outside of athletic classes, I didn’t like all of it!
05. After you got into this profession, which celebrity have you met that makes you most happy?
Hyolee nuna.
06. If you can have a holiday for one month, how would you spend it?
I want to go to Jeju Islands to go fishing and diving.
07. Country you want to visit the most?
Spain, I want to go to the Gaudi Cathedral.
08. Website you go to most often lately?
DSP!!! Of course!
09. Place that lets you relax the most?
Of course it’s the apartment (the members spoke out in one voice)!!
10. Which movie makes you cry the most extreme?
My Sassy Girl.
11. The most precious thing that you bought yourself?
My musical instrument. I like all of it, it is a priceless treasure, it cannot be weighed with money.
12. From the book you’ve read recently, DVD, CD you’ve listened to, food that you’ve eaten, which deserves your recommendation the most?
Nell’s CD, Creed - One.
13. The song in which you’re good at when you sing karaoke?
Toy – The Short Moment Beside You(?)
14. At the Osaka concert, was there a mistake in which you went, “Ah, oh my gosh!”?
I didn’t have anything that I regretted.
15. If you had to distribute roles for the other members in a family according to the following options?
Mom – Jung Min
Girlfriend – Kyu Jong (And Hyun-Kyu becomes alive once again! lol.)
Neighbor’s nuna who I look forward to – Young Saeng
The celebrity that is stuck on the wall (of course it is a female) – Hyung Jun
16. If you could only take one other member to an isolated island, who would you choose? (Ooohh.. good question! Make them choose, hahaha.)
I’d take Jungmin to Jeju Islands because he works hard to continue living.
17. Although it’s a little early.. What do you wish for Santa Claus to give you for Christmas?
Let me go fishing with someone I like.


Will write more later ^^

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