Friday, April 09, 2010

[기사] Superior genetic chemistry

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Recently on various internet noticeboards, Kim HyungJun and his maternal cousin nuna Jang Elli-ssi's photo taken together had topped the various search portals by coming in number 1. Kim HyungJun's photo with his biological mother had also created a topic of discussion on daum and naver noticeboards as well.

Kim HyungJun's maternal cousin Jang Elli-ssi had recently appeared in SBS E!TV's "Chul Peo Duk House". With that flawless looks plus the status of being a simultaneous interpretor due to her excellent foreign languages' skills that had been displayed, it became a hot topic immediately. Netizens commented, "Kim HyungJun's biological younger sibling is group U-kiss' member Kim Kibum. From younger sibling, maternal cousin, to mother, in their family, they all have outstanding traits" "If given a choice to have such genes (genes that were given choices for). Not like the mother, but the cousin", all kinds of opinions were seen.

Kim HyungJun has been very happy to this concern and interest that the public is showing. He's said, "Thank you for showing warm interest in our family. SS501 will be coming out with a new album soon and will carry out activities. Will repay fans' love with well-liked activites".