Sunday, April 04, 2010

[사진] TonyMoly fansign @ 04-04-2010 ((3))

HyunJoong @ TonyMoly fansign 040410

well this blogger... has been to the fansign today (of course)
and according to her, HyunJoong signed on someone else's guitar as well!! really daebak....
Then she also made a shirt based on his face (^^)
and got HyunJoongie to sign on it (^^)
wow everything rules ne? just get a picture of yourself printed
then ask him to sign on your face and hurriedly give it to him
then quickly run away before he could return
double daebak right? fantastic5 idea (XD)

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grand opening at YoungPoong Bookstore

huge standee at YoungPoong TonyMoly outlet

this' the shirt I'm talking about!

yeah...the Daebak item......
what a pretty guitar signed by the perfect signature...
HJ must be thinking at that time, "O imma amazed by this......."
this belongs to someone else, btw