Tuesday, April 06, 2010

[후기] TonyMoly fansign 040410 -- Ahlia씨

previously I had picked out the essence from Ahlia-ssi's fanaccount of her
trip to HJ's tonymoly fansign.....
now is the complete fanacc.. ^^

thanks to princess bbunnie~~~


CR: original in korean: a-hlia / KHJ0606.com
translated into chinese: magic0606.com
translated into english: happiebb / lovekimhyunjoong.com

I've just returned from the TonyMoly autograph session....

At around 1pm, Hyun Joong came down from the escalator,
the autograph session started after he signed on the promo board that TonyMoly has prepared...

My queue number was #6.
Since the earlier four people were not there yet, I was the second in line.

Hyun Joong, wearing a beautiful smile, looked up and glanced at me,
that made me soooooo... excited...!
he even greeted everyone with "Annyong haseyo"

I said, "Heard you're going to further your studies in Spain..."
Hyun Joong's smile got wider and bigger.
"Thought these could be useful, so I've prepared them for you..."
Then I handed him the books on Spain that I had prepared earlier to give him as presents.

Hyun Joong acknowledged with "En...."
and smiled again, hehehe....

In order to get his autograph,
I had specially prepared a notebook with his pictures for him to sign on.
And the autograph signing began,
but he was not supposed to sign on anything other than those autograph sheets prepared by TonyMoly.
But our friendly Hyun Joong had signed on my notebook
(Yes....wuri Hyun Joong... he's really the best!)

I showed Hyun Joong my name which I had written on my notebook earlier
and asked him, "Do you know me?"

Yes, I know Hyun Joong has many many many fans,
but I have attended practically all of his activities,
so it's really not impossible that he may remember me...

But but but... our very honest Hyun Joong said, "No, don't know..."
I was a wee bit disappointed for a little while...

I made a disappointed sound, "Oh, really..."

Our kind Hyun joong tried to comfort me;
he added a postscript after his signature.
He'd added, "PS. I will remember for sure the next time..."

(So.... Hyun Joong-arh.... I'll believe you then...
You must remember me next time...!)

After he's finished writing,
I asked him to add yet another postscript,
Hyun Joong nodded his head and said, "Yes..."

"There's a new look on KHJ0606,
please leave some words for the fans over at 0606..."

Hyun Joong had written,
"Regarding 0606, I'm always full of feelings of gratitude."

Thereafter, I said, "Let us shake hands!"
but the security ajussi stepped in to say 'NO',
but but but... I had already shaken Hyun Joong's hand before his interference...

Then Hyun Joong said, "Thank you"
I said, "I'll be going to Japan, let us meet in Japan!"
Hyun Joong replied me with a smile, "Alright."

Just like that, my turn's over...

Hyun Joong-arh, actually I'd written a letter for you
and it's placed in between those two books that I had given you.
You must read it...

And oh, your trip to Spain...
hope that these books will be helpful to you...

Missed out by Ahlia씨....
I'll say something in Spanish: Te Quiero Mucho~~~!!! (I love U)