Monday, April 05, 2010

[Video] Hyung Jun Birthday Celebration @ SS501 Persona in Seoul August 2009 [dvd cut]

Hehe hyung jun birthday party celebration during Persona in Seoul 2nd August 2009. Hehe thats early birtday party for him because his birthday is in 3rd August. But its okay lah, just fast forward few hours earlier kekekekeke...

This is cut from DVD SS501 Persona in Seoul (Jp version). Thx for J&U for the cut posted in SS601 and 3kimheoprak for reupload in YT ^^

Ahh i love the 'sangeil chukahamnida' koor... ^^ So loud lah Korean TS jjang ^^
Baby was so happy ^^

credit: J&U @ ss601 + 3kimheopark @ YT

If u want to see fancam from that birthday party, you can see this fancam from prettyboy, reupload by mangos0rbet in YT.

credit: prettyboy + mangos0rbet @ YT