Thursday, April 15, 2010

[vote] Warmwarm idol gives warmwarm feeling

hmm... this is a poll on Korea MTV
asking who treats their fans well & better
since it's a competition between beast & princes...
kk no not rhyming,
I meant B2st & SS501.
saw on 601, just putting it up to share ^^
i know some interested to see this ^^

you could vote for your choice here
B2st vs. SS5o1

as @ 12:45am, April 15

voting period: 2010 April 14~2010 April 25
how to: vote once in every 10 minutes


not new news, you heard of it before

source; mtv korea

B2st vs SS501, who's the warm-warm idol who treats their fans very well?

Amongst the popular idol groups there are also certain groups who treat their fans exceptionally well isn't it~
From a long time ago, it has been SS501 famous for this,
as well as high popularity group Beast.

SS501 who's usually enough to be called "Fan Fool" since they treat their fans with exceptional individuality,
the famous case would have to be SS501's Kim HyunJoong who has
previously stated in their new contract terms with regards to re-signing on of to-be-expired contract in upcoming June with
"If our agency could be one to treat fans well, that would be good",
he said it like this.
In reality, in the past October at Taiwan airport where he just landed foot on,
his bodyguards actually turned violent on some fans,
thus causing them to fall and then inflicted some injury on them;
even if it was to protect the members, since such cases happened,
he even took efforts to apologize on behalf of his bodyguards.