Thursday, April 08, 2010

[fanmade] Various perf compilation - SS501 Flashback Compilation - 5M5Y Various Life Mix

Just tired because of watching fancams, and found this few days ago, come across tivonahu chanel, and she just upload good fanmade one with good job editing.. Yae fresh from the oven for us to become nostalgic ^^

Yea kompilation of various perf like warning, snow prince, everything, and never again. If u havent ever watch those perf, awwwwww u better watch of course or check at least one of the live performance of their song. Or if you are new, and tired watching all old performance, because its never ending hunting and watching kekekek yea i know because many. So maybe you can watch this, this is a nice compilation, perf with difference outfits in 1 one video...

hahahah my impression just one... They are looks so innocent back then kekekekekekek.... ^^
drop to her channel and say thanks ok.. ^^ maybe we can anticipate the next mix live version fanmade ^^

credit: tivonahu@YT

Snow Prince



Never Again





Deja Vu

Deja Vu (2008)

Song calling for you


Because i am stupid



Love Like This

NG cut.....!