Thursday, April 08, 2010

[Fancam] Hyunjoong arrived at barcelona airport 100408 (2 fancam)

Ahh i know i am late to post this.. ^^ i sleep earlier because to tired yesterday... And wake up eralier now still around 3.30 am here ^^

The first site i open to stalk him is youtube, i know fancam would came...
And thx for you all who tips my in twitter.. thank you ^^

Found 2 fancam recorded him arrived in Barcelona Airport with his mean manager...

Thx thx so much for all uploader...

credit: nysas466 @ YT

can see when he was receiving fans letter.. just so sweet,,, but the manager... errrrr.. yahh you know lah...

credit: shaitanmistral @ YT (tips by moonlightct @ twitter, tenkyuw ^^)

i came to soompi and found this.. i hope she didnt mind i shoved her translate here.. ^^ you can tell me if you dont allow it okay ^^

This testimony was in the description of the youtube video that ShaitanMistral upload:

It has been great!! although if you notes you'll see how the fat security guy who wears the red t-shirt is giving slaps. They have move away one girl by taking her from her jacket and another one they have run over her with the luggage cart...

About all, Hyun JoonG has behave super fine! even though we barely see him because he was wearing a hat all the time. I feel bad for the fans that have go to Madrid, cause some of them only went there to see him... and when you do that kind of things is because you really want to see him...

Anyway, the part when we follow him to his autocar I haven't upload it because you can't see anything... they put the curtains and turn off the lights... We ask for autographs, but they haven't want to give anything... TT.TT although some friends gave some letters that they have written.

Oppaa! Saranghaee!! ^^

credits: ShaitanMistral @youtube
English translation by chivisale
Shared @ soompi by doramera

and this is fancam fans who have waited for him in Madrid Airport.. poor madrid fans... but wooww many fans came to recived him.. so happy... yes he has many fans in europe... ^^

credit: LuciaMerby @ YT