Wednesday, April 14, 2010

[영상] 뮤.하. 14-04-2010 1st Anniv Visible Podcast, ~~ Song Rendition Cuts

Hyungjun sings....again~~~~~~~~~~~
but not to be shy of, it's a beautiful voice~~

Rainssi's Song To Hold You Back/Love Song 1st bridge
+ Jungyup's You Are My Lady chorus part

source/by: 501스런하루@6o1/
reuploaded: odeds501@yt
the main source is important to bring along ...


another uploaded by wingwing-ssi
thanks wwssi~~

cr: (6o1) (for 1st cut)+ p.b (for 2nd/3rd cuts) + (reupload) wwlovehjl2@yt

Love Song cut [1]

Love Song cut [2]

You Are My Lady

Conclusion: I love this guy, he never fails to crack me up.......