Wednesday, April 14, 2010

[기사] Never Alone Stars Relay Campagin ...

I wrote this before but yeah, I want to do it again for the sake of the ....




Kim HyunJoong with the kind face, the kind heart, the kind 'Flower Boy

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On the 12th, Never Alone campaign's personnel informed that the star supporters had shot for the never alone campaign supporting relay carried out on the 8th to 9th april.

Never Alone has gone beyond the sole purpose of just supporting for the upcoming world cup, they have the aim in mind to help the africa children through their support campaign which would surely touch the hearts of people.

On that day of shooting, besides those already-existing star supporters like Kim HyunJoong, Yoon EunHye, Lee MinJung, more stars like Hwang Shin-Hye, Park In-hwan, Julieann Kang, Big Mama Lee HyeJung, MBC Weather Forecaster Park EunJi etc, a total of 20 star supporters have came together to carry out the shooting.

On the other hand, these 20 star supporters are executing Never Alone activities, and they are Kim NamGil, Kim SungJu, Kim HyunJoong, Kim HyangGi, Macho Graffiti Champion, Park KiWoong, Park YeJu Miss Korea, Park EunJi, Park Inhwan, Shim HyeJin, Yoo InYoung, Yoon EunHye, Lee MinJung, Lee KangWoo, Lee HyeJung food researcher, Julieann Kang, Cha KilYoung Mathematics Lectuer, Hong AhReum, Hwang ShinHye.