Thursday, April 08, 2010

[기사] KimTaehee,Jeon Ji-hyun's rivals

1st posted: 18-Mar-2010
last posted: 8-April-2010

Beautiful men have arrived "Kim Tae Hee, Jeon Jihyun move aside"

source: bnt news | 18-Mar-2010
contents..yours sincerely.....

When cosmetic advertisements seemed to be exclusive privileges that only women used to have, there is now a gradual and steady increase in the number of male celebrities appearing in cosmetic advertisements as well.

Males who have interest in fashion and beauty gradually invest in them in order to groom themselves, such a fervent chase after it has been on the go, getting male models to model for its own brand has been getting more and more familiar by the day. Rain, Lee Minho, HyunBin, Lee Byung-hun, Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Nam-gil, Daniel Henney,, SHINee etc, we can thus prove that so many male stars are becoming more and more active in this circle through modelling for cosmetic brands.

Male entertainers who are going in and out of the cosmetic advertising world like now, for such, what would be the cause behind this then?

(HJ part only)

My man is like Kim HyunJoong too

Though they are cosmetic brands for males, but in actual fact, should you head for department stores, you'd gradually find a substantial amount of female consumers purchasing these male cosmetics. It is still a fact up until now that there are many males who are too shy to get down to the department stores and buy cosmetics for themselves. Because of this, females have to buy the cosmetics on behalf of their family members or lovers, thus many such cases still exist until now. At such a time, male models who could shake the hearts of women would play an extremely huge role to that. That's the reason as to why "My man wants to become a celebrity too" could bring about huge incomes through cosmetic advertisements with the aid of suave male models.

By recruiting models like Rain, Lee Minho, Kim HyunJoong, sales would be stimulated exponentially, because wannabe males would want to be like them, and females are also mesmerized by them.

Kim Taehee, Jeon Jihyun, Lee Na-young, Go Hyun-jung, Lee Hyo-ri etc and all the other A-class female entertainers' exclusive privilege have now been challenged by these "beautiful men". Be it as a trend setter who sets new trend, or as Korea's model ambassador, we look forward to further development from them.