Thursday, April 08, 2010

[Video] Hilarious compilation cute mistake during live performance ^^

I know odeode has update this video here yesterday in the list flash back corner by tivonahu, but because i think this is so special, i make another special corner for this video.

Actually I want to post this yesterday, but because my mind really fly to Spain because you-know-who, kekekek I decided to post about this later. There are still some fun draft I will post too for killing our bored time when waiting for our boys news.. ^^

Kekeke this just too hilarious not to share. Thx so much for tivonahu for doing this. You know her famous SS501 5 years live mix flash back series right? Keke now she released a cute video, compilation of our boys mistake on stage within this 5 years. Not all mistakes including though, I remember there are some NG/mistake not include in this video, but its representative enough.. ^^
Kekekeke I have big smile plestered in my face when saw all this cute NG mistake on the stake by our boys. Aiguuu they are so cute especially baby he was just oh-so-clever when he was doing mistake. His way too cover mistake was quite smooth.

Wanna try to list what mistakes they were doing in this video? Just try, its fun ^^

Credit: tivonahu @ YT

Have you seen that? Can you list all their mistake? ^^

I listed all cute mistakes in that video. Don’t read this if you don’t like spoiler and want to try find the mistake by your self. Just block with your cursor if u want to see the spoiler ^^

0-18 : jungmin dropped his mic during warning debut stage ^^

0.29: kyu jong out of tune when sang Never Again

0.39: baby dunno what to do with his hands in 4 chance perf.. kekekeke

0.44 : hyun joong out of tune during never again

0.53: jungmin out of tune in Never Again

0.59: kkk kyu crashed position with dancer boy during bye bye perf

1.08: jungmin forgot dance step in ASCFY and he made cute expression

1.16: hyunjoong forget dance step (and this is during same perf with jungmin mistake) kkk what happened to our gaemal kekeke…

1.22: ys smile watching hyunjoong mistake (you noticed right, youngsaeng always smile / cant hold him self to smile whenever there were mistakes during life perf by other members or by himself, I have noticed this habit many times.. )

1.28: ys out of tune in ASCY remix

1.35: baby was following to turn like his 2 hyung during ur man inkigayo special stage (include jungmin and hyunjoong), but supposedly he shouldn’t.. kekeke… he realized later.. then lol.. I saw ys smile again because baby mistake… keke his body reacted autimotically whenever hear ur man intro eh?

1.50: hyunjoong’s wrong LOVE sign during LLT perf… (he pointed the MIDDLE FINGER, that infamous wrong-do fyi kkkkkkkkkkkkk)

1.58: baby clever way to fix his accesories even the way he fixed it suit the ur man rhythm wakakaka

2.06: jungmin forget ASCFY dance step again.. LOL LOL… I really really like his blank expression when make mistake..soooooooooo cuteee…

2.18: mass mistake… failed formation.. LOL… again at jungmin turn dance kekeek… ys smile again.. kyu seems so confused.. HJL don’t know what to do… at ASCFY love sharing concert 2010

2.25: hyunjoong out of tune LLT inkigayo comeback…

2.38: baby clever way to save his watch in ur man.. ^^

2.48 and 2-56: baby wireless mic problem in ur man..

3.07: LOL at this young saeng ahh.. why you were so blank.. what were you think? YS was late to sing his part in because I am stupid.. ^^

3.19: youngsaeng crashed 2 times with dancer boy.. aiguuu see he smiled again when made mistake .. ^^

3.29: youngsaeng dropped his wristwatch during ur man perf

3.38: baby’s clever way to save youngsaeng's wristwatch

3.43: youngsaeng out of tune during LLT perf

4.03: kekekekek.. jungmin omo jungmin.. you are just damn cute… haha.. his cute way to fix his position…

Okay done ^^