Thursday, April 08, 2010

[Audio] Clear audio rip full song - Kim Hyung jun new solo song GIRLS (rip from encore concert)

Oh my, i just listened to this now, when i have downloaded it since yesterday. This audio rip is so clear, though we can still hear fans cheering and chanting (but i like that because it give different vibe, just like we listened the official audio concert ^^) but still this audio rip is so good and CLEAR enough. I listens in repeat mode now.
This song is so good. Hyung jun ah you really so talented composer. Your song get better.. ^o^

0myau0 has recorded this by her self when she attended Persona Encore concert, you can check her channel if u still want to see some Persona Encore fancam


And yo my sister, this is full song ^^

FULL CREDIT: recorded and upload in YT by 0myau0