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[인터뷰] Cool Magazine 2009 Interview - Essence extract

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Should be from February 2010? or released in April only
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source: cool music magazine
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COOL music Special feature ------ SS501

Ever since SS501's 1st asia tour began, this should be the first time we really meet and talk with them face to face (previously it was always via mail), during the group's solo activities period of time in 2009, Cool magazine even managed to bribe the "trio of songs" to conduct a studio interview and photoshoot session with them in Korea. On that day, the head quarters in Shanghai made use of a camera head to take note of what's happening at the venue......and this became the toy of the crew members there, one by one began to say hi to the camera head...... laugh wackily...... make ghost faces....... and more. So when the photoshoot ended successfully, KyuJong actually invited HyungJun to go watch "Frozen Flower" (movie) (R21) together. Right after this suggestion was brought up, the studio atmosphere began litting up, the photographer ahjussi who already had catched the movie laughed wickedly, "If you all were to watch, you'd get nervous oh~~", so KyuJong asked with a puzzled look, "What's wrong? Isn't it just Jo In-sung and Joo Jin-mo?" (lol Kyujong ah sooo innocent^^) HyungJun, seeing KyuJong with a face of question marks, began laughing as well, "My friend's been to watch it, after watching he didn't came over to my place anymore, he said didn't dare to enter my room...... (outburst of laughters)"

During the solo activities period of time, besides chasing Boys over Flowers drama, Cool didn't give up chasing after JungMin-gun who was starring in a musical...... That's why the visiting-on-set occurred, that "aeroplane head" of his which just can't seem to be erased off my memory.......

Ever since SS501 began their asia tour, Cool also began its touring around in various cities....... Especially because of the HK stand, we managed to meet up with the 5 angels (devils hmm?) again. In the 2009 interview, HyunJoong caringly helped us to maintain order at the venue, he raised his voice at the crew members for a little, which led to us thinking he's indeed the "man of the men". And the 2010 maotai incident (think it's a kind of wine, not so sure) further consolidated our disorientated shackles with SS501......

Interview extract/point

Cool: This asia tour is a conclusion for all previous efforts..after this asia tour ends, what plans do you all have?

HyunJoong: I want to go to America

Cool: (shocked) Why?

HyunJoong (shaking his upper body from head to tummy-ing): I have a America......then recently.........he told me he doesn't have money anymore..........

Everyone: ....................................................................

HyunJoong: hooo~~~ so, I need to go to save him, hahahahahahahahaha.

Cool: In the promo activities for this single, we still saw everyone's active performances as always, everyone's entertainment sense is still as strong! Say something about each other.

HyunJoong: If I were to rate, I feel that the member who isn't suited to go on variety programmes the most would be.........

HyungJun (hoaxing softly): Youngsaeng-hyung Youngsaeng-hyung!

HyunJoong (ignoring): The most unsuitable one.............HyungJun!!!!!!!!

HyungJun: (opens his wide eyes oh-so-widely after recovering from shock) Omo~!!

HyunJoong: Actually, the one most suitable to go variety programmes is YoungSaeng, because usually his words won't get edited out, will always get broadcasted; whilst HyungJun's words will generally get edited out with more than half the amount, and wouldn't get broadcasted (Jungmin already laughing uncontrollaby at the back, almost got cramps)........mmm yeah..... anyway in conclusion ----- what HyungJun says is very lame!!

HyungJun: Ahh jjinja, why like that, I cannot take it anymore!!

HyunJoong: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha..... (ignoring).......

HyungJun: I'm working very hard to do programmes ah.. just that the effect isn't very nice.......... (bob) ........