Sunday, April 11, 2010

[fanacc] HJ @ madrid to catch football game & a story (2) ^^

another fanaccount of fans who went specially to watch the soccer match
because HJ went to watch, or maybe you'd really go if you really like soccer ^_^
haha... *I shut up*

btw barca won ^_^
and there was a mistake in what I previously heard of,
Hyunjoong actually supports Madrid because his fave soccer player is Ronaldo^_^
I previously 'heard' he supports Barca...ㄱㄱㄱ

from soompi HJ thread again...

credit: justdancenow씨@soompi / doramaniac / Idril @ doramaniac

On the post from DoraManiacs's blog relating information about the fanaccount I had translated before, in the commentary Idril wrote how her sister saw him at Bernabeu Stadium for the game in Madrid:
12:51 - I'm envious!! T_T Anyway, my sister is in Madrid right now, her and some friends went to the stadium but they didn't know which gate to stand by since there are 4 and they wanted to know who else was going there so that they can meet up and divide into groups. So if any of you are going, please tell me so that I can tell her...

13:00 - while I was writing before my sister called me to tell me how she saw him and that they were following him to the entrance of the stadium but for now she hasn't been able to tell me where cause she was so excited xDD
Then she called again to say more things. he smiled but the managers wouldn't allow anyone to come close to him, they pushed so don't try. Even my sister has luck, I also want some joooo T_T

13:xx- I am still waiting for her to call me back with more details, so far she told me that they just happened to see him. what luck they have got, they were looking for him and they noticed a guy with a shirt CR9 (t/n: Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo #9) and it turned out to be him!!! And it looked like they were confused with the gates so they have to leave and go towards another so that is why they were following him...

14:12- Well I already talked to her, unfortunately she could not get any autographs, he had tried to approach her but the managers held him back so all he could do was wave goodbye to them and smile and so he finally entered through Gate C.
They told me that they would write what had happened and upload the video they took while following him on youtube so she'll do it now.

Then her sister Hideko wrote:

16:20- Hi!!! I am Idril's sister, I just came home now ^.^ Let's see, we had lost all hope of seeing him since we took a good amount of time circling Bernabeu without a trace of him and were about to give up when all of a sudden we see this haaaaaaandoooome asian guy (*OOO*) together with 2 other guys with Real Madrid shirts (to be exact Cristiano Ronaldo's). I stood there staring at him for a couple of seconds and he stared at me too, I couldn't believe it but I recognized him so I looked at the two girls who came with me and screamed "It's him!!!!" and well, he smiled at us but the managers pushed him forward (the other way) and so we tried to follow him through Gate B but we stayed outside thinking about his smile *Q* When we saw him leaving from there he passed within a feet of us, he looked at me and waved hello and he smiled...I almost had a heart attack....xDDDD So we began to follow him again and well he went to Gate C and entered, we entered as far as we could through a gate on the side and we yelled "OPPA!! Saranghae!!!" and in that moment he turned around and was looking at us and smiled and waved goodbye...God...I am so happy =D

16:48 - Yup, I have video but you can only see his back, so if that is ok..well, there was one moment where you can see his face xDD Even though I couldn't upload it, I gave it to one of my friends so she can do it, so when she does it I'll link it, ne? ^^