Saturday, April 10, 2010

[기사] JungMin in taiwan to attend concert

source: stars udn
translate: ode

wow, errr angie chai-ssi invites him for Harlem Yu-gun's concert...?
wow I know Harlem Yu-gun's concert would be filled with other taiwanese stars as well
but didnt expect Jungmin.......? do they even have connections? (><);;;

some fans in taiwan who saw him (of course right) managed to get autographs
and even chase his car.....ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
dangerous oh......
why always do such things leh....


Korean popular idol group SS501's member Park Jungmin has had made a surprise appearance at Taipei Arena tonight (april 10), he was there to attend Harlem Yu (taiwanese veteran singer)'s concert, which stirred much attention amidst fans and media press.

Park JungMin has kept this trip a secret schedule, he went on this trip with only two friends, he expressed, recently he's got a few days of holiday, since he was invited by Angie Chai (Taiwan famous producer) to watch Harlem Yu's concert, so he went, and then to also tour around Taiwan as well. Although he purposefully tried to be low-key about it, even had put on a low-ducked cap, but from the airport to 101, to Peddler noodle restaurant in Taipei, all the way throughout he was been recognized and crowded by fans.