Saturday, April 10, 2010

Foreigner HyungJun

source: this

well....this is something interesting. decided to post it ^_^

it's about an interesting poll on OnStyle website,
you know, there are some celebrities who look like they are foreigners
when they dress up abit here and there
so, amongst the celebs listed in the this URL, who looks the most like they're a foreigner at
1st sight? which will let you have that kinda expression, "Ahh he's obviously a foreigner!!"?
Purely for entertainment purposes only, don't misunderstand ^_^

I agree that HyungJun don't really look like hangukin^^
he looks more like ABC

Voting period: April 9 ~ April 14
winner announced: April 16, afternoon
Prize: bobbi brown chrome shadow (silver) (==> Lol get the joke?)
Method: you may vote for the star by leaving your comments stating your poll.

will just list out the nominations HaHaHa

#1 Shin Hyun-jun

#2 Shin Min-ah (this one I must admit)

#3 Kim HyungJun (its the reason why I post this right?^^)

Recently his family member has been exposed in a broadcast programme, while on the other hand he has had proved himself to be a 100% Korean, this Kim HyungJun. However, from his biological cousin nuna Jang Elli-ssi to his biological brother Ukiss Kibum too, their peculiar looks has had been seen, thus allowing HyungJun's efforts to go vain. But HyungJun family's very wide and mystifying eyes, amazingly high nose bridge allows him to be viewed as a 50% Korean only, from the general view of a Korean. Some even feel like wanting to call him names which would replace the korean name HyungJun with japanese names like 'Jun Sama', 'Makoto Sang' etc.
(lol-ed so loud again)

#4 Kim Ah-joong

#5 Lee Kwang-soo

#6 Hwang Bo (I admit also)

#7 Eric (from Shinhwa) (I admit!)