Saturday, April 10, 2010

[Fancam + fanaccount] Hyunjoong @ barcelona street - night 100409 (3 fancam)

Last update:
- add fanacccount.
-english translation for (^) fanaccount here

- I am chatting with my friends its confirmed by hyun joong himself they will watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona today at Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid ^^
just got info from HERE. nuna wrote in lalita.wordpress
-> "Latest news confirmed: Kim Hyun Joong will go to Madrid to watch the soccer match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Some fans by Facebook say that were talking with him (OMG!!!) and he confirmed the rumor himself. "

- You can stalk hyun joong news in Spain: LALITA.WORDPRESS , DORAMANIACS , KANOJOKHJ

Btw i just visited ^^
I think you better stalk her site too when hyun joong still around in Spain ,
even if you cant speak spanish ^^
Thx kanojokhj for kindly sharing.. ^^
I got fanaccount link fan who got sign from Hyunjoong...
She told many thinks, and i just understand a little... : go to this link and you will see her photo with hyun joong ^^
Because its personal blog and personal photo so i wont take the photo out... ^^

What i understand from that fan account:
- TODAY, 100410 hyun joong and team will go to Madrid. (stalking_hj: me believe they will watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona in Santiago Bernabeu ^^)
- Hyunjoong was shocked when see fans waiting for him outside.. ^^ And he kindly signed for them... even ask if still there is thing they want him to sign ^^

I wish someone can translate her fan account.. ^^
So many detailed things.. hahaha but i dont understand much.. kekekeke...


I think they are waiting for taxi.
And i always love when he was wearing slipper... ^^

The one who take fancam said hyunjoong did signed for her and took picture with her. And he was so nice and talked to her too. The staff and his bodyguard was so nice too and they are talk with her too. She is still in cloud 9 now... (she is the one who make fan account above)

credit: yamashita23 @ YT