Thursday, April 15, 2010

[fancam] Jungminie returns to Seoul @ 120410

1st posted: April 12, 11:59 pm
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kakaka...jungminie returned to Seoulie short trip...!
think only 4 days...
then why last time still try to keep your mouth so tight by saying Secret har
don't know who said that.... ^o*

i tell you, his fanservice I want to rate him 501%, EQ 5001% man
for such cases, not inclusive sleeping time......................^oooo^

cr: v6inokenq@yt // // as tagged on video

another fancams, returning to seoul @ taiwan airport

cr: myjm43@yt + err...i dunno the original source of this, never write anything...

cr: as tagged in video + myjm43@yt

ahhhwooooo see, I wanna call him EQ-man from now on...^^

Another fancam...

cr: tstw chi + (reuploaded) myjm43@yt

YET another fancam

cr: as tagged on video sidebar + (uploader) myjm43@yt

err...this one source unknown, since this yt link
is the first link I referred from...
fancam again. (really alot)

credit: as tagged on vid sidebar +*2 + myjm43@yt

does myjm43씨 dig fancams every day..? Lol