Thursday, April 15, 2010

[fanacc] HJ leaves Madrid --- fans bid gdbye @ 14-04-2010

remember I said that Hyunjoong already left Madrid
on April 14...?
yes its not a guess, it's real.
again I found this on doraManiacaS blogspot...
(tho it's from last night. i'm late, tts why)
along with a fanaccount as given by a fan
who went to bid him goodbye...
from what I roughly see, it was said that HJ has still been
a friendly and kind guy all the way until the end ^_____^

fanaccount as on here, telling abt her story where she bade
HJ goodbye.......

also available with her fan-pictures on that blog site page here

credit & source: (pix)

U could see HJ in black sunglasses (kkkk need to do that in airport huh?)
as well as same outfit as when he arrived in Barcelona first.

Enjoy reading ^__^