Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Itinerary in SP@1N -- of the Powerful Man

Allright, errr.. because it's slightly too messy if everything were to be squeezed into 1 page,
so....updates for HJ's (possible) itinerary would be in this page........
was thinking if I should make this page...but I guess......
'else it'd be very messy....

previously StalkerM made a "possible Stalking page" here though....
(^) Just for mental stalking purposes :)

yeahyeah, he's just got that power to make all of us do this...
Here, there, every where..... not 12/7, is 24/7...

**maybe anyone want to go here to checkcheck the things to do in Barcelona
HJ may go to do these, you never know, since it's such a rare trip to a country
which he's always wanted to visit**

btw I wanna clarify something.
Not all the information you see may be true
1st, may be last min changes to some details
2nd, some are just but overheard from others.
you know when A spreads to B, B spreads to C but leaks out some, C spreads to D,
D leaks out some again, so on & so forth...
so before that matter happens, before you see it, before you see him on cam/person,
hope you could just take with a pinch of salt^_^
with some lollipop ^___^

source: comments section (a good stalking site HaHa) + various spanish sites

-> HJ (maybe) is staying in Majestic hotel along with his staff members @ Barcelona

-> I (stalking_hj) was chatting with my friends its confirmed by hyun joong himself they will watch Real Madrid vs Barcelona today (10_Apr_2010)
at Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid ^^

just got info from HERE. nuna wrote in lalita.wordpress comments...

-> "Latest news confirmed: Kim Hyun Joong will go to Madrid to watch the soccer match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Some fans by Facebook say that were talking with him (OMG!!!) and he confirmed the rumor himself. "

-> It was said that from news from korean side, HJ will go to shoot pictorial @ Sitges, which's near Barcelona city. Sitges is a very beautiful, serenic, picturesque place, very ideal for photoshoot. I think Lee Minho-ssi has had been there to shoot before, too.
Sitges itself

-> (stalking_hj) HJ has had visited the place he wants to visit in a longlonglong while, the Gaudi Cathedral yesterday. Gaudi Cathedral is in Barcelona. Few fans have seen him, since it's kind of hard to really spot him and scrutinize amidst so many figures. It's hard work to do so much stalking in such a bigggg city nyooo

-> HJ maybe (no confirm) will return straight back to Barcelona from Madrid after watching the football game between Real Madrid and Barcelona FC... fyi, he already reached Madrid this morning at 8am (barcelona/madrid time)... The football match will begin at 9pm on April 10 (madrid time)

-> HJ was seen outside Bernabeu yesterday (april 10), it was the venue at which soccer match was carried out at. Fans waved to him, HJ also smiled back ^_^ so he really went to went the match.

->HJ should be doing photoshoot on Tuesday (April 13) at Sitges (Barcelona)

->Confirmed that HJ will shoot in Sitges, will head back to Barcelona on April 13 night (~around)

-> according to some blogs, some fans saw HJ still in Madrid this morning (April 12) (madrid time), and some of them got autographs even

->Most probably HJ will shoot in Madrid already... Because it seems like he didn't leave Madrid at all up until today (Monday, April 12). and from what I was reading, it seems like photoshoots at Sitges is not allowed to be published... so most probably, I'm thinking, the venue was last minute changed now that the crew production know about it.

->HJ's hotel in Madrid is......Hotel Vincci Capitol de Callao?

->HJ shot his Spain Trip TV Footage in Madrid, so yes his photoshoot would be in Madrid (as seen here)

->HJ did grocery on 13th April afternoon time on Madrid streets as at here

->HJ officially began shooting for his pictorial on April 13 evening already (madrid time) and supposedly, again, fans spotted them.......

->HJ returns to Korea on April 14 night (madrid time)............? said that HJ and gang left hotel on April 14 morning

->HJ had confirmed left already (april 14)

->said HJ will reach korea by afternoon (korean time) on April 15... (whoosh whoosh)