Tuesday, April 13, 2010

[직찍] HJ @ Madrid -- Random + TV Coverage Shooting @ 12-04-2010

like I've said previously here that HJ don't seem to be shooting in Barcelona, Sitges (as rumoured) anymore
because "supposedly" (I heard) due to some internal issues, I don't think it was totally "a lie"... *.*
hey when is there always a solid fact when the word rumour is created... ^^

so while I was again doing stalking by figuring out bit by bit, I expected him to appear
on the streets soon, because from yesterday morning I already saw fans writing that they saw him on the Madrid streets,
thus sayings were going around that the Barca Shoot is a lie......


heading for the beach..........? think to do straight business
he's shining so ever brightly...

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this 1 is just random walking @ Plaza Mayor (Madrid),
not yet photoshoot
--fans saw him, thus the fan-pix shot picx
--12 April 2010, Madrid time, Morning

fancam credit: Noa110690@yt

Fancam 1

Fancam 2



Pictures @ 12-April-2010 (Madrid time) on streets of Madrid
--most prob doing photoshooting already, I'm guessing they're filming for the
TBS channel programme coverage of "KHJ in spain"

for fanaccount of how these fans got to see HJ in big city Madrid,
it is recorded here in Spanish

Credits for fanacc+photos+evtg: as tagged on photo + eCamY + mbsara + blue~Akane + Laura_Chiisai_Chan@SiesDestino